Aquahalogens Chemicals provides services towards providing complete solutions to environmental problems covering both the fields of water pollution and air pollution. The company supports consultancy organization which offer expertise in providing technical know-how in existing /new facilities. Individual customer requirements are carefully studied then evaluated towards technology options and design systems to deliver tailor made & most adequate pre-engineered treatment plants. The company also provides a variety of "awareness services " towards minimization of vapour, liquid & solid wastes, which go a long way in improving our environment and making this world a better place to live in. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of problems pertaining to: -

  1. A) Drinking water treatments.
  2. B) Wastewater treatment (Industrial/ Municipal)
  3. C) Air pollution treatment.
  4. D) Solvent recovery systems.


Aquahalogens Chemicals products and services are used in: -

  • Drugs and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Petrochemical Units.
  • Industrial gas recovery systems /purification systems.
  • Gold Recovery.
  • Vegetable oil refining industry.
  • Starch /Glucose industries.
  • Sugar industries for making double refined sugar.
  • applications /uses like Glycol purification, Mercury
  • removal, Amine purification and, Acid purification.